Flaremingo lets you create custom serverless functions that simplify managing and running apps and websites. Our services automate SEO and marketing, boost website performance, and more. After signing up, simply connect your Cloudflare account, purchase a service in our marketplace, and configure and deploy it as a Cloudflare Worker using our deploy wizard. Once live, the code generated by Flaremingo stays in your Cloudflare account, under your ownership and management.

Getting started is simple and easy

You can supercharge your website and app with Flaremingo in just a few steps:

Step 1

Sign up for a Flaremingo account and plug your Cloudflare account.

Step 2

Choose a service from our marketplace and purchase it.

Step 3

Configure and deploy the service as a Cloudflare Worker using our user-friendly interface.

Here is a list of all services currently available in our marketplace. Each service costs $14.99, but during our beta phase, we are offering a 60% discount, making it $6 as a lifetime access (LTA) offer . This means you buy once and can use it and deploy workers to your Cloudflare account as many times as you wish, forever.